DVC December Availability

I am considering renting points for a December trip but was wanting to see if anything is still available. We were looking to go December 17-20 and are looking for a hotel on the monorail. We can fit in any of the DVC rooms. Would any DVC members be able to let me know which rooms are available and at what resort? Thank you for your help!

Wasn’t sure if you meant checking out on 20th or 21st, but checked for 3 nights.

Nothing available for all 3 nights.

Bay Lake - studio and 1 bed, both Lake view for 2
Poly - both Lake and std view for 2
GF - 1 bed only, Lake view

The 17th is unavailable anywhere. You could get 3 or 4 nights from the 18th at BLT (either), or std Poly.

Thank you so much! This helps a lot! :heart_eyes:

Would anyone be able to check again? We would be arriving on the 17 and checking out on the 20th? We are open to any hotel for a villa or one bedroom. Thank you so much!

Do you mean a studio or 1 bedroom. All DVC rooms are called villas …

OK, checked for studios and 1bedroom.

No studios available for the dates.

1 bedroom available at Kidani and Jambo, Bay Lake, Boardwalk, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs.

Yes I meant studio! Thank you so much for your help! Everyone on the Liner community is so helpful!