DVC Condo Association Notices (and dues) in the mail

I can see how the tax rate would increase after a refurb, absolutely.

And it stands to reason there could be adjustments to shore up reserves before or after a refurb too. But it isn’t a case of there will be 3 years of 6% increases to pay for a refurb. Although someone raised the question of whether installing the Murphy beds in what were just soft goods refurbs wouldn’t have caused extra costs to what was anticipated. But again they’d do that slowly if it meant reserves had to be topped up, not a one-off extra 3% on the dues.

Aulani’s increase will presumably be partly because of the fires and the resulting insurance costs / tax rates across the whole of Hawaii.

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I was looking on their Facebook page. There is a pinned post. They are updating the list of what resorts have been reported but you need to read the comments to find the details.

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I expect either for 2025 or 2026 there will be a bigger increase.

I wonder if the whole Reedy Creek replacement will affect the property taxes? They always go up by X amount and then Disney challenge the increase and the taxes then get reduced and we get a rebate.

Also I can’t remember if the CM pay increase effect is now complete or if there is more to come.

All these factors affect the annual dues.

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Oh there’s an interesting question…

I think CMs have another increase coming before it’s complete

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Here is the list:


BoardWalk Villas $8.6711 $8.5309 1.64%

:scream: Still wishing I had more BWV points!

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OKW is up another 6+%

Why do we keep getting massive increases year after year?!

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For SSR, we had a large increase last year…but not too bad this year.

When I was deciding whether to buy DVC (resale) a couple years ago, I used an average of 4% increase in annual dues year over year to find where the break-even point would be versus renting points, etc. I was secretly hoping the average would end up being less than 4%, since inflation had been fairly low, and I would expect the dues to, on average, match inflation. BUT, inflation in the past couple of years has soared…so I was actually expecting this year’s increase to be more than it was. I’m not sure why OKW had a higher rise this year…was it high last year as well? If not, maybe it is making up for it this year.

^ Or…in my case. :slight_smile:


I was also surprised by this.

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IIRC we have had a 6% rise at least the last two, perhaps 3 years

Though there was that thing in covid where we got some kind of refund

Here is a snip of what our dues have been over the last years

When we bought in we weren’t even at $7/point – now we are nearly at $10/point!


This represents 6% or more increase year after year, except in 21 when it was almost 8%

What the hell?

As far as OKW goes, it would be interesting to compare the breakdown of fees from the last few years to see what elements are causing the big increase.


I 100% agree

Where would one get that?

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If you click on the OKW notices you get a breakdown of the fees, showing projected amounts to be spent on transport, housekeeping, reserves etc.

Let me see if I can find it.


The golf course?

So this is the 2024 one, see page 3 for the breakdown of Operating Expenditure.

And this is the one for 2023:

So I can see that housekeeping costs have risen by over $1m , from $15,283,285 to $16,337,448

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Interesting, doing the math (I don’t have my personal notice yet) increased taxes don’t a count for any of the AKL increase. It is $.07 for capital reserves and the rest operatoring expenses.

Housekeeping and Animal Programs make up the bulk of that invrease.

Disney golf is its own entity


But how is that different from other resorts.?