DVC companies

We are looking to rent points in December 2017 and I have submitted requests to both Davids and the DVC rental store, but have not had a successful match as of yet. I am wondering if anyone has used dvcreservations.com or dvc-rental.com? I am hesitant to proceed with an unknown company…

I have recently rented points through DVC Rental Store for a stay in Sept/Oct. It took about a month to secure a reservation (which I had paid $100.00 to do, this is refundable if they are unable to secure your reservation or as I understood it if you get tired of waiting for a match). I choose to go with the Rental Store as they only require a payment of half of the total stay upon booking, the remaining balance being due 45 days prior to check-in. Also they offered insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason (you will forfeit some of the reservation payment, that amount varies depending on the time frame prior to check-in) that gave me peace of mind in case 6 months from now we can’t go. Once the match was made I had a confirmation of the reservation within a day of making my payment at which time I was able to view the reservation via My Disney Experience. So far I’ve been very happy with their service, I have no concerns that this reservation will differ from booking through Disney (with the exception of it being considerably cheaper!). My Travel Advisor was Sarah Gibson. she responded to all my questions/emails promptly.


I also used DVC rental store. I had them looking for my reservation exactly at the 11 mo mark (the soonest they can look for you). We were able to get Bay Lakes Tower for December, 2017 in a lake view. It took just short of three weeks I think to get my reservation confirmed. One reason I chose them, as did heardof6, was so I could pay 50% upfront and pay the rest when we are about 6 weeks out from the trip. Sarah Pitts was our advisor and she was always very prompt with returning emails.

Where are you trying to stay and for what type of room? I know some reservations are more difficult to get than others. Staying at Bay Lakes, I was concerned we might not get a reservation in December (I’d read that it could be difficult even at 11 months), but Sarah advised me to hold out waiting instead of changing my request and it all worked out. Good luck.

Recently booked with Davids for November trip, they were able to get me confirmed within 24 hours. I did have to pay full amount upfront. My friend went on a trip last month through Davids and had an awesome experience.

I have been waiting with the DVC rental store for over a month for a December stay at Poly. We changed dates bc poly availability disappeared, and are now waiting for Poly OR BLT, whichever gets booked first. I’m thinking that Poly isn’t going to work out and am wondering now if BLT is either. David’s did not have anything available for our dates. I have found another website (dvcreservations.com) but I know nothing about their reputation, and so far they have only been able to secure BLT, which is our 2nd choice. I am just nervous about using a company with no recommendations…
Worst case, we will just keep our standard room at WL (which will still be great). I recognize that this is a 1st world problem;) This is just the earliest we’ve ever planned a trip so renting dvc points hasn’t been an option and i got way too excited about Poly too soon…

Is this a Christmastime trip?

not really; 12/3-12/8 or 12/10-12/15

How did it go with David’s? Were they able to match your choices? We are currently waiting to match for BLT traveling in the first week of December.

Are you looking for studio, 1 BR or 2br. Just curious bc we were thinking of looking into that week.

In queue for Studio lake view as Studio standard was no longer available.

Yeh it looks like the cheaper views go first. We were trying for a 1BR standard and can only get lake view.

we ended up using The DVC rental store; we were matched with BLT studio Lake view.

Isn’t it a point or two more expensive than David’s?

My family used David’s DVC rental two years ago (Nov '16) and it was seamless. We have another trip booked through them for this April and don’t expect any issues… The booking process was great both times - was able to book and get confirmations within a day or two. Both trips were split trips between two different resorts and checking in and out was no problem at all.

Both times, the reservation has been easily linked to my Disney Experience account and shows up just like it would had you made the reservation directly with Disney.

Go for it!


This is my first time renting and we are renting at both GF and Poly, so far everything has been great, Im very happy with it but Ill be happy to update when I come back in Sept 2018 lol We used DVC Rental Store bc of the payment plan

Any success with reserving a room? We were told studio rooms were no longer available for our travel dates.

TBC studio got sold out. They do still have studio and 1BR at Bay Lake Tower but we’re still in the que for points. Not sure that is going to happen so I booked online and am trying not to cry over the rack rate.

That’s great! Reserving online rack rates isn’t feasible for us so we are considering other room options for BLT. The process has been stressful even when booking so far in advance.

Well it’s not really feasible for us either, so I’m still looking. I’ll most likely have to cancel that res, but it made me feel better having it for now. It’s really not reasonable though, I don’t how people do it.

I was able book a 2 bedroom BLT standard view through The DVC Rental Store. I contacted an agent the week before the 11 month booking window and she was able to get a reservation that morning. She said Standard view typically book on the day of the window and had other options priced just in case i was unable to get a standard view. She was definitely on the money.