DVC Check for December

I am considering visiting Disney World on December 17-20, and would like to stay on the monorail for ease of transportation. In order to make that work financially, we were planning on renting points through a company and stay DVC (We are not DVC members). I was wondering if someone would be able to check the availability of a Grand Floridian studio or a Polynesian studio for December 17-20. Thank you in advance! I appreciate the help!

Poly is available for standard and lake view. Grand Floridian is not available. Bay Lake also has availability for standard and lake view.

Awesome! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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Just so you know, even though there is room availability, it doesn’t mean there is point availability. The rental company will need to have a stock of points in order to book your reservation.
We had to wait about 1 month from the time I made the request until points were on hand for our next trip in January.

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Good to know! Thank you for your advice.