DVC Boardwalk question

I’ve stayed at BWV multiple times but always in a 2 BR garden view. For 3 nights in Sept, trying to decide between a BW view studio at 45 pts or a 1 BR standard view at 60 pts. It’s just me and DH but the extra space in the 1 BR would be nice. I normally don’t care too much about the view, but I didn’t know if the BW view is really cool! 7 month mark is coming up and both choices are still available.

If points are no issue, regardless of view, I would go for the 1BR I love having that separate space, especially since I’m usually up much earlier than DH and he is usually up later than me.

Have you looked at the room finder to see what 1BR views are like? Looks to me like there are both Boardwalk and Garden/Pool options.


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Check out the view from 5038! That’s pretty nice for a pool/garden view, with the ToT in the distance!

And 5051 is cool for a boardwalk view.

OBNurseNH thanks! I know I really like the extra room in the 1 BR, plus having the king bed is great because we have one at home and it’s hard to go down to the queen! haha I wouldn’t say that points are no issue! The BW view or garden view 1 BR’s are 84 pts, so 60 pts for the standard view seems like a bargain.

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So true! We have a king here at home and it’s a real struggle :wink:


true dat…and the older I get the more unwilling I am to adapt


BW has always been a favorite. To me a view is not worth as much as the extra space. I love being in the 1 bedroom. I am an early bird and love being able to close the bedroom door and have the living space and kitchen to spend my time.

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hoping I don’t regret my decision to forego a bw 1 br for BLT studio cause I am a cheapo…Oh well…done deal

Overnight the Boardwalk view studio has booked up for one of my nights, so that makes the decision for me! I was leaning toward the 1 BR anyway. The 1 BR standard view is still available, so crossing my fingers that it will still be available when I can book at 7 months in a few days!