DVC Availability Tables

I’ve been tracking DVC availability for all 141 DVC accommodations over the last 3 1/2 years. I track reservations vacancies at the 11,7,5,3,1 month window. Here’s a link to my data.


That’s a lot of work! Thanks for sharing!

I’ll be curious to see how this compares to the ones at dvchelp.

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Thanks! Did you share earlier versions of this on another DVC forum?

Cool! Thanks so much for sharing this information.

very cool info!

Yes! I studied these so closely when I first bought. I am curious to compare 2019 (prepandemic to now).

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this. It looks like I will need to become more of an advance planner if I am going to purchase DVC.

You can certainly be more of a last-minute planner. Most locals are. But you would need to be more accepting of the fact that you would probably need to be more flexible about where you’d stay.

And if you’re a more last minute planner, it makes sense to aim for the most economical choice around purchase because there’s no sense in paying premium prices for a “premium resort” where you might never stay.

My OKW points were very affordable. Using them at a resort whose points cost more for purchase makes it more of a value. Buying a premium resort and then using them at OKW? Not so much.

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I bought this field guild and used it a lot when deciding to buy DVC resale. So full of great info!


Thanks! It’s definitely gotten tighter. I should have a comparison before and after Covid soon!

I hope it starts to level out as the extra points from closing should be used up and then the surplus points from people not needing to barraow also start to even out.

However the rental market has changed - it is on fire right now, so I wonder how that will change things long term.