DVC and Wilderness Camp Grounds open June 22... ahead of park opening

Part of all the new announcements around reopening was that DVC rooms and Campgrounds were going to open on June 22nd before parks open in July. I’m curious to hear from anyone that plans on going to the resorts for some R n’ R? And while I’m a BIG WDW fan I’ve never just gone to a resort and hung out w/o going into the parks. I’ve loved to hear ideas of anyone planning to go ‘early’.

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I would definitely check in on June 22 if it fit my schedule. There is an Allegiant flight that day and everything! But I can’t due to social obligations. I would love to just plop myself down in a chair overlooking Crescent or Bay Lake. Plus, most likely the parks will have soft openings. Sounds like a dream to me. Even with a mask.