DVC 2021 Reservations

So I have a DVC rental request for a week starting 5/28/2021, meaning the 11-month mark is approaching this weekend. For you DVC members out there:

  1. Are DVC reservations proceeding as usual right now? I know for cash only stays, hotel reservations have been off and on over the last month. Should I expect any issues?

  2. The last time I booked this room (2-BR BCV), it took about 2+ months for them to match me with an owner, but inventory didn’t seem to be an issue. Is inventory in higher demand right now or are people trying to offload? Maybe the rental market is soft and having trouble finding takers?

Just want to get an idea to put my already anxious mind at ease!

I just did a May reservation without any problems. DVC booking has not had any changes and booking has been as usual. I just did a quick search for 2BRs in May and availability seems pretty wide open.

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If there are any renters out there I’d be curious to see how long you’ve had to wait to get points at your resort, if at all.

I added a Copper Creek studio to my mid April reservation (NE vacation week) last week. Although April is usually a little easier to get a studio at 11 months this week is usually hard. I actually looked a couple of weeks after the 11 month mark. It seemed to open after the park reservation system was announced, but maybe that was a coincidence?

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I’ll say this for 2021, it’s not seen it’s stress yet.

I have nearly 300 points tied up in this August trip and I’m still sitting on pins and needles trying to decide if we are going to go or not. I have about 30 days to decide to save banked points from getting into holding. I’m sure I’m not alone in waiting to that last minute. If I cancel, I will immediately bank forward and modify my current three night stay to 10. I’m still in home resort territory so I should be okay, I think. But I am wondering about folks upgrading from smaller to larger accommodations as they have a glut of points to spend.

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That’s a valid point. We will also be banking our points if we aren’t able to go in September, November, and/or December and would likely opt for a 1BR in place of a Studio if available to spread out instead of wasting points.

I booked 5 nights in a BLT 1 bedroom standard in mid May a couple of nights ago (a couple of weeks after the 11 months mark). The week before had one single day blocked out for availability, but everything else was opened.

We banked the majority of our 2019 points to make this 2020 reservation.

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Just as an update to anyone who is curious, my DVC rental at BCV beginning May 28, 2021 was fulfilled today by David’s. It’s a 2BR Villa for 7 nights. I had an identical reservation for May 29, 2020 which was not fulfilled until September 7th! So I waited 70 days for my reservation to be fulfilled last year and only 33 days this year. That tells me that demand is still much lower than it has been in the past for those trying to sell / rent out points. It’s a buyer’s market.

Hope that data point is helpful to someone.


We just booked a dedicated reservation for two weeks from now. Feels like we got a great deal! Just waiting to hear back from David’s if it’s accepted. However, the listing is gone from their dedicated reservations page, so that’s hopeful.