Duplicate Reservations

I made hotel reservations at CR while waiting to rent points at BLT. The BLT points came through and now I need to cancel CR. CR is linked to my MDE and the BLT is not linked yet. I am nervous about what to do first as I don’t want to risk the BLT getting cancelled. Should I cancel the CR and then link BLT or should I link BLT and then cancel CR? Don’t know if it matters but i have ADR’s in MDE and my 60 day window for FPP is coming up. Thanks.

Phone and have a CM do it for you.

Wait until BLT is linked to your MDE account and then cancel CR. As you are within 180 days there will be no issues with your ADRs being dropped, but you want to be sure that you have an on-site resort linked to your MDE account for the 60 day FPP reservations.