Dumbo wait times off?

TP shows some odd wait time predictions for our trip 1/23-1/27. For example, check out the predictions for Dumbo on 1/23 (a Saturday, with CL 8). The prediction is 7 mins all day, until a spike up to 27 minutes at exactly 5pm. I’ve only been to MK one other time (last year January), but didn’t go to Dumbo in the afternoon. Can this prediction be right?

This kind of oddity could be one isolated glitch … but it also makes me wonder if the rest of my plan is off as well. I know @len and the group are working hard and do a great job, but hopefully the recent uptick in crowd levels over the last few months hasn’t thrown their system off…

Hmmmm…I’ve asked @fred to take a look at this. Thanks for the note @Gardn114!

I have the same issue with Dumbo on my January 14th plan.

Yes, me too for my 1/30 plan. 7 minutes at 3:30 in the afternoon on a crowd level 8 day.