Dumbo : play area & FPP

Could you enlight me about the Dumbo tent play area? How does it work? Do the kids can play there the whole waiting time? Or do we have to first wait outside? Does a FPP « prevent » the kids to enjoy the play area? Can the kids play longer than they need to when it’s their time to ride?
I booked FPP for Dumbo, but I’m wondering if it’s a good use as the wait seems almost as enjoyable as the ride. Unless the big wait occurs before the tent?
Thank you!

I can only answer part of your questions, so hopefully someone else can chime in. We attempted to do the standby/play area when we were there last week, but we would have had to wait at least 15 minutes to get a pager. We had something else to get to, so we walked out of the queue. So it’s worth noting that you don’t get a pager immediately upon entering the line like I assumed. We ended up getting a 6:30 pm same day FP for Dumbo and walked right on it instead.

And yes, FP does completely skip this area. I’ve also heard they have everyone skip the play area if it’s a very short wait.

In November, we grabbed a same day FPP for Dumbo but were also looking for a place for the kids to just play and let out some energy. CMs said if we went into the play area first then we couldn’t use the FPP. So we did the ride first using the FPP entrance and then were able to go into the play area for a little while without getting a pager. Worked out well for us :grin:


Oh that’s a great way to do it! That way you can play however long you’d like and then just leave.

ANd the play area IS sometimes closed so don’t give up a FPP in order to use it – you may end up with nothing you wanted. I think the ride first, play after idea is brilliant – I will use it myself when planning for my little nephews trip later this year.

Thank you, I’ll keep our FPP then! :slight_smile:

Ride first, play later really is brilliant. Last year we used a FP and missed the play area. Tried to visit later in the day, just before dinner, and the FP area was closed. My kids were really upset with me!