Dumb Techie Question

This is more of a techie question than a WDW question (and probably a dumb one!), but I am positive y’all have the answer. Lately, I have not been able to get “gallery” pictures to load on the WDW site. For example, clicking this box:


Gives me this never-ending spinning circle:


I have checked to make sure flash is allowed on this site…what else should I try? I was able to view these pictures just fine up until recently (maybe a few weeks ago?) and I can’t figure out what’s up.

I had the same problem I had to clear my browser

Besides clearing cache and trying a different browser, have you added any ad-blockers or privacy tools to your browser? Sometimes those cause issues. If so, you can try disabling them temporarily and see if it works.

For example, I use uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger in Firefox and Chrome, and for certain sites I have to disable them for that site to get some features to work. (Annoying, but I’d rather have to deal with allowing sites I trust than having all sites track and throw 3rd party ads and stuff at me.)

The other answer is that sometimes, Disney’s site is just wonky. Wait a few days and it might start working.

“Wonky” is a technical term, BTW. :wink:


I always run into trouble trying to view menus. I’ve gone long stretches where every time I try to view a menu on Disney it shows me Stitch. Then suddenly it will just work again.

For pictures I check Google images (usually ending up on TripAdvisor). For more restaurant info check easyWDW, Disney Tourist Blog, or Disney Food Blog.

Thanks, everyone! Clearing out my cache didn’t fix the problem, but I was able to get the images to load on another browser, so thanks for that suggestion!

And yeah, I have had issues with Stitch eating the menu pages too, though they usually appear again if I check back later in the evening.

Also, “wonky” is a word that I use daily. Some days, hourly. :wink:

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You might also try using a private or incognito window. Sometimes that takes care of the problem. I always seem to have to use one when going to the DLR website to get it to work properly.

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