Dumb Question...DL Lockers?

Hi Forum Friends. I’m a frequent DLR visitor and AP holder taking a different type of trip in March – a one day park(s) visit in the middle of a San Diego stay. We’re 3 adults taking the train up and will want a locker or two for sweatshirts or rain gear. Shockingly, despite my many visits, I’ve never gotten a locker! (We usually do multi day trips and stay within walking distance.)
So… What should I know?! Are there usually available lockers (crowd calendar says the day is a 6)? Do they need cash or credit cards? How much do they hold? Are there lockers at DL and DCA? Is one better than the other? Anything else? Thanks!!

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My family is quite the opposite, I don’t think we’ve ever gone to DLR and not rented one! There are lockers at both parks, we’ve used them both, and I don’t think there is a major difference between one or the other except that they close with park hours so if you rent at DCA and wanted to go to DL after DCA closes, you’d have to have everything out of the locker first. There are two sizes- standard and large. We’re usually a party of 4 adults and get a large and can fit sweatshirts for everyone and whatever else my family brings with them. The large ones are pretty spacious. Last time we went, there were 3 of us and we had at least 2 beach towels and 3 sweatshirts in a large locker with room to spare.

To rent one, there are kiosks by the lockers where you pick the size you want, create a 4 digit code to use to unlock it for the day, pay (we use a credit card, not sure if they take cash), and then it will assign you a locker number and the locker will open and stay open until you lock it. Then you can come and go as much as you want throughout the day. The one thing you don’t want to do is leave your car keys in it and realize as you are on the tram to the Mickey and Friends garage that they’re still in there, we know that from experience :wink:


Thanks so much!! Glad to hear it works out :slight_smile: Your story reminds me of the time we were half way to the airport when my husband remembered his wallet was still in the safe in the hotel room. There was some scrambling that day, too!