Dumb question but how do you remove a TP from a day without deleting it?

So I switched up some parks for certain days, actually still playing with my plans. Is there a way to remove a tp from a day without deleting it all together?

Not that I am aware. Often if I have a plan that I then want to use on a different day, I make a copy and name it something else. For instance let’s say

day 1. MK plan
day 2. AK plan

Then let’s say I want to “try out” AK plan on day 1. I rename MK plan to Plan A MK Day 1 and then copy AK to day 1 and rename it PLAN B AK Day 1. I always have about 3 or 4 different plans on the same day. Then as fast pass day approaches, I narrow it down to the plan I decide I want to keep (and then delete the old ones) Would be nice to just archive, but I don’t how to do that


You can change the date of a plan, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by removing a TP from a day. Do you mean not having it show up in your Dashboard?


This is what I was going to suggest. I do this often as I switch around my days.

I also sometimes have a couple TPs (for different parks) on one day until I firm up plans and then I’ll either switch the date or delete it if I don’t need it anymore.

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I had a separate fake one-day trip where I stored plans initially when I had a lot of them. I would change the date to the real date when actually working on a plan so the hours & events, etc. were accurate. When I was done, I changed the date to the fake trip so it could be stored there, out of the way.

When I finalized my plans, I deleted the fake trip.

This is the only way I could think of to store “trial” plans without cluttering up the Dashboard with them. You just have to remember to change the date back and forth. Also, make the fake trip for some date after your real trip so the real trip pops up first on your Dashboard.


You’re so smart @Pod


I agree! As always, thanks for your help guys.

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Thank you. I’m usually very disorganized so it’s kind of a miracle I thought that one up!

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You don’t have to have a ‘fake’ trip to have plans. You can just make a plan. I name mine by date and park, so 2019-03-10 Epcot. That way, it doesn’t ge mixed up with 2017-03-12 Epcot. Yes, I’ve kept 'em all. Len probably hates people like me, but I have looked at them in the past to see how things worked out for me and what orders I did stuff. It’s a jumping off point for the new ones.

Also, you can just change the date in the plan, if you want to “save” it but not have it show up on that date in your app. The times won’t be the same, but at least you could change the date back and re-evaluate to get the newest times, if you decide to use it.

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Well, exactly. You change the dates to keep alternative plans from cluttering up your current trip dashboard. But purpose of a fake trip is to act as a filing system so you can find them again. For obvious reasons, I named my fake trip “Alternative Plans.”

The current favorite plans of course are actually in the real trip with correct dates, but this way they don’t get mixed up with all the possible alternatives one might be playing around with.

A person could also have a file of Plan Cs, but I was never that ambitious!

Then it’s pretty easy to grab one from there, work on it, and put it back again by changing the date. I must have had 20 or 30 plans at one point. plus all my old ones. Are we not supposed to keep those? I always do, so I can learn from my mistakes! :smile:


How many do you have?

I have 44

But all your plans also live in a list all their own…

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Yes, but it’s easier to have them grouped together and not have to look through a long list. Then I can tell at a glance which ones are just ones I’m still fooling around with and which ones are the “good” ones.

Especially if one is a park-hopper, it could get pretty confusing. If I were on a long trip I might even set up a file for “AM” and “PM” plans. It also helped remind me which plans still needed work. I could tell without even opening up the plan and looking in the notes if they still needed work, because there’s a Plan B sitting there, which means I’m not done with that day yet.


It’s all in developing a naming convention so it sorts properly.

But it’s always nice to have many ways to do a thing so that people can do what works best for them!!


Yep. As I mentioned before, I’m disorganized generally, so I need all the help I can get!