Dumb liner moment(s)

Last night, my wife and I were talking through our plan for our December trip, since our day to book our DVC is Jan. 5. While I was poking around on the DVC, I thought I would check out if there was any BWV Studio availability. To my surprise, at least at the moment, there was! So we talked about perhaps booking a few days at BWV!

Flash forward to this morning, when I realized my idiocy. We can’t book BWV at 11 months!

I knew this, but momentarily forgot it.

Dumb liner, for sure.


Yeah it happens to the best of us. I got sooo excited about availability at Riviera and then couldn’t book bc my resale contract.


Oh, I did something similar this morning too.

I went on to check my annual dues statement and decided to check how Bay Lake availability was looking. Got all excited when I realised the standard 2-beds were still available……

And then I realised I was looking at the end of November, not December. Duh! What’s an extra month between friends? :woman_facepalming:t4::joy:


Oh yes and there was another one a day or two ago.

Someone posted here about renting a stroller from MCO for the duration of their stay. In fact they started a new thread about it.

A few people had commented and I thought “ummm, wait a minute”. I actually posted a reply saying you could only rent a stroller for the day at the parks, not for the whole week. The post was there for about a minute when I realised they’d said MCO not MK.



Glad to see I am not the only one! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your similar experiences as an act of solidarity! :laughing:

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Your mistake was my reminder! My book date was yesterday… Going to DVC site now…

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In the beforetimes, DS and I had a PPO BOG reservation that I had been excited to score for a trip we booked within the 180 day ADR window. We got to MK at the perfect time, hightailed it to the Castle for the perfect, crowd-free photo, had a laughter filled breakfast, and then - because my brain temporarily crapped out - walked ALL THE WAY BACK to the front of the park to rent a locker before lining up for 7DMT. To this day I have absolutely no idea what the heck my brain was thinking. I smh at myself more than I care to admit.