Dug up this photo from the archives

As I started planning our November 2023 trip, I found this old photo and fun memory from December 22, 2014. Our family showed up at Epcot so early, the security guards were just arriving. My kids posted the photo with “#Psychodisneywoman” BUT even though they were making fun of me, Disney decided to let a few of us Early Birds in extra early that day as a “early Christmas present” and we got to ride TT 3 times in a row before the rest of the crowd got let in to the area. I still think getting to the park early is the best plan.


Will you be doing a trip report? If this photo is any indication, it will be a fun one to follow!


Thanks so much! I think I will just do that!


That is amazing!


They seem happy despite being so early so you must be doing something right!! We are going in November too :blush:

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