Duel TP Plans Challenges

So, DH and I can’t ride most of the rides in WDW due to vertigo issues, so our next trip is going to be very laid back for us. I have everything planned out for us, including afternoon breaks. However, our DD16 wants to ride practically EVERYTHING, as well as meet up with us for meals and a couple of the rides we can do. It’s been very challenging to create a TP for her that lines up with ours. She’s going to be all over the place! I bet that she will give up after the first day either by abandoning us altogether (except meals) or by skipping rides. Sigh.

Of course, lining up times for shared things is challenging as well. Anyone have any tips or tricks? I’m still working on matching up Epcot on the first day…

Here is what I would do. Add your meeting times as a meal into her TP. Choose a location near where you will meet up. This will tell TP where she needs to be at a certain time & lock it into her schedule. Then you can optimize with the other attractions and see what it spits out.