DuckTales Adventure

By any chance are there any good rumors about a start date for this?
The Agent P thing in world showcase was my son’s favorite part of our last trip to Disney, and he loves ducktales. So I am just desperately hoping!!

Maybe it can’t open till all of the countries do?

All of the countries are open…just not all restaurants/attractions. There is a modified version of Kidcot Fun Stops still going on…so that’s a nice thing as well.

The latest I’ve heard on Duck Tales is “in the future.” Ha!

We did Perry in U.K. though and I sorta remember going in the shop with family crests and that’s closed right now? The phone booth around back I didn’t even know was there. Such a wonderful activity it was. I miss it too. I really like that and the Pirates league one. Not as much wilderness explorers this last time but I’m wondering if that’s because I got the covid version where they just talk to you and give you a sticker and you don’t have to do any scavenge hunting