DTD construction

When is construction scheduled to be done at DTD?

The sign on I-4 for the construction around the location for DTD's new ramp says that the construction will be going until "Winter 2015".

Disney Springs won't be completed until 2016.


Have a ressie at Ragland Road in Oct. Any suggestions for getting there. Will be coming from FW. Would rather drive as the bus took an hour last Oct. I've heard parking is a bear at DTD right now. Maybe park at Epoct and take a bus over to one of the resorts at DTD? I'm not real familiar with that area.

I'd park at Port Orleans and take the boat over, just because I like the boat and because parking at Port Orleans in October isn't going to be problematic for resort guests there.

So I wouldn't get in trouble with the "parking police" at Port Orleans? Love the idea of the boat ride. tia

The last few times that I've gone to Riverside for dinner and to see Yehaa Bob, I just have to show my ID, say I'm going to dinner, and drive right on in -- they haven't issued a parking pass. The only places I've been issued a parking pass for dinner or had my reservation checked are at the Deluxe resorts.

ETA: Out of courtesy for those who are staying at the resort, I try to park at least 2/3rds of the way back in whatever lot I choose to leave the close parking spaces for people staying there.

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