DS8 Possible broken toe one week before trip!

Ugh. So DS8 hurt his big toe today - all swollen and red. We took him to urgent care and they x-ray’d it. The x-ray came back inconclusive. There may be a small fracture or there may not be (possibly a sprain), according to the doctor.

So what to do? My son still wants to go, as do we. He’s able to walk slowly and ok, but given the distances of walking at Disney, I’m a little concerned. Anyone ever go with an admittdely minor but still impactful injury like this? Any ideas/tips?

I would rent a wheelchair and be done with the worry.


Where does one do that? Not something I’ve ever had to do before…

You can do that at the parks, and I believe there are some rental companies that are outside of WDW/deliver there as well. Let me check and let you know about the latter.

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Or get him a knee scooter. Something he can control and is smaller for maneauvering around the park. Found mine on Amazon and it wasn’t too expensive.


Rental at WDW: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/wheelchair-rentals/
The difficulty there is, like the rented strollers, they cannot be removed from the location where you rent them.

At the bottom of the page are some rental companies that WDW endorses. I have heard a lot about Apple Scooters and Buena Vista Scooter.

I wonder if @joefishing209 can share where he rented scooters from?

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I love these forums. Thanks to both of you. Will look into all these options.

It’s been a month. In the last month:.

  • 3 out of 4 of us had the flu, despite having had the flu shot (me, DW, and DS1)
  • DS1 had a double ear infection
  • DS8 had a mild case of walking Pnemonia
  • DS8 had a 24 hour stomach bug
  • And now this

It’s so weird. We never get sick like this… Sure, there’s the occasional bad cold or stomach bug, but never this much…

Disney can’t come soon enough. Now we just all have to stay healthy…


My sister recently had major foot surgery. The knee scooter has been a life saver. A few of the teachers at school have also used them.


How big is he? 8 is small enough for most kiddos to just be in a stroller weight wise. And could be used everywhere not just in the parks. Best of luck, what a pain to deal with at the last minutre.

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Thanks. Yeah, it is a pain. The stroller is a good idea, but not sure he’d go for it. He started refusing a stroller when he was 4… I think he’d go for a wheelchair or knee scooter though …

Ha I understand - I have an 8 year old myself but there are times at Disney in which I’d like to be pushed in a stroller. Might keep a number to one of those places in your back pocket just in case :wink: Good luck.

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That’s awful! Hopefully it’s just a sprain and he’s good to go for the trip!

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Sorry I’ve been busy trying to book hotels for the trip home.

Ok I used Scooter Vacations a scooter for you son would cost $25 a day if you rent for more than 3 day used code FB10-19 and you can save %10. A ECV in the park cost $50 a day and there might be a age restriction.

If you are staying on property the scooter or “ECV” can go on all buses, monorails, and the MK ferry. It can not go on the other boats, with the exception of one of the 2/3 boats that go to WL and FW.

If you choose to use a knee scooter I would look on Craig’s list they have them for free some times and also manual wheelchairs.

Many of the stroller companies that deliver to hotels rent wheelchairs and scooters - check out list in unofficial guide. There are also foldable ECVs you can fit in a trunk if you will have a car - though an 8 year old boy driving an ECV could be interesting. My DS6 would be a menace - ha! I’d be giving lots of speeches and rules.

Knee scooters are really the best. Especially when you still CAN walk, you just SHOULDN’T, because you can easily leave them outside the restroom or something temporarily and they’re not bulky or dangerous.

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I don’t think anyone would rent an ECV to a child. It would need to be a wheelchair.

If @mikejs78’s son would go for it, you can get a stroller tagged as a wheelchair by Guest Services. But I’m sure an 8 year old would far rather have a proper wheelchair. Street cred points there in the photos, for sure! :joy:

I can definitely relate to this. I have been in the parks the last 7 days. I tore a ligament in my ankle on Christmas eve, since then my foot has been in a boot. This week I have been using a knee scooter since I am solo. It has been working out great for me, much easier an d quicker to cover the Disney distances. You can roll into all the rides and shows with it and it will be waiting for you as you exit. As far as transportation, I rolled it right to th e plane and checked it at the gate. I will say it is tough on the knee and some of the textured concrete can be tough to navigate, especially AK. I was also here in January without it but was traveling with my nephew who was nice enough to push me around in a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are quick and easy to rent at each park. You can rent for $12 a day or $10 a day for the length of the trip. They also have a courtesy chair you can use to get from the park entrance to the bus.


So thanks for the advice everyone. On the good news front, the toe has been feeling less painful for him every day, and today he said it didn’t hurt at all. The doc said if it felt better within a week, it likely wasn’t a fracture. So we will probably try without any kind of chair/scooter… If he starts to feel pain, we can reevaluate, try to get something in the park or a last minute rental…

So we have 3 days to go, DS8 has no pain, DS1’s ears have cleared, no one has the flu, and the weather for next week looks gorgeous (especially after the last couple of days in New England). Knock on wood, I think we are going to be good to go!


Great to hear! Hope you guys have a great time. I’m jealous. I’m already ready to go back and we just returned 4 days ago!


DS10 had pneumonia and was out of school all last week. He’s got this week and early next week to recover his strength and get caught up on sleep. I told him his timing is perfect, that if you’re going to get sick, 2 1/2 weeks before vacation is the time to do it! Can’t wait to escape this New England weather next week! I’m glad your house is on the mend too.