DS18 & Uber

My family of 4 has a trip to WDW coming up soon, 12/20 - 12/28. Flying from Ohio, we plan on using DME. But now, due to his marching band going to an NCAA football bowl game, DS18 needs to return home by himself on 12/26. I’m assuming Disney cannot get him to MCO, so planning on using Uber from POP to MCO. I have never used Uber so I am a little anxious. I have the app set up in my phone. I’m not yet sure if I will accompany him to MCO. Does he need to have the app if I am not going with him? I will be at POP with him when he gets picked up by the Uber driver. Is there a designated place at POP for pickup, or just whatever I arrange? Also, he has never flown solo before. He is 18 and a college student, but I’m just a little uneasy about sending him off to MCO by himself. I can go with him to MCO, then back to POP after he boards. Thoughts? His grandparents will meet him at airport in Ohio. He has marching band practice the next two days, then leaves for Arizona with the band for a college football playoff game. Christmas at Disney will be fabulous, but I’m fretting over this solo travel for DS18.

I am pretty sure if you talk to the desk, he can take DME. The same number of people will just be on two different buses on different days.

Just let them know his flight time and they will let you know what time to take DME.

Yes, you can schedule DME for him! The number is : 1 (866) 599-0951

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That’s great, thank you! I did not know you could split up the party for DME. In fact, for some reason I thought it was prohibited. But that is exactly what I will do. Thanks all.


Yes, my daughter arrives FROM college separate from us and to a different resort! It was a pain, but I got separate MDE tags for her and she is taking DME to our resort and then to meet us at the park!

Thank you for that number. Today I rebooked his flight, then called ME and it was done in 2 minutes. No hold time at all! I’m ready to enjoy my vacation now. Thank you !