DS wants to go on 7DMT twice! in one day

No EMH and we will be leaving the World around dinner time, so no closing down the park, either. I have RD and a FPP. But we’ve usually done SM at RD and are out quickly. I know nothing about the 7DMT line at RD, except for the crowds I saw heading there.

My TP says 9am for Mine Train, then 9:25 for SM. Can I really do the Mine Train that quickly? Then can I really be off SM and over to Splash by 10:12? It’s a Sunday in mid-March, and listed as a CL 7 (although, TP has a poor Sunday track record these last few months). What to do? They want everything packed in that one day (thank goodness they aren’t PP fans).

Would you try 7DMT, then Space, then Splash, being done and over to Pirates at 10:42

Or would you go Space, then 7DMT, then Splash, being done and over to Pirates at 10:57?

We will have a FP for 7DMT for later in the day, so if the morning version was a bust, I could skip it. But if Space Mountain line was huge by 9:25, then I don’t have an alternate time for the ride.

What we did is did 7DMT at RD, then other rides and FP, then went to 7DMT again when the FP time came up. Best way to get it in twice. Could also maybe catch it during a parade or fireworks but can’t promise that would work. Good luck.

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What was the line and crowd like at RD? I know it’ll be different with the new show and bringing people into the hub.

Also, what was the best way to get to 7DMT - to Tomorrowland bridge and left or up past the castle and right?

These were all on CL10, we were there from 12/17 to 12/27. We normally ended up thru Tomorrowland, just followed the CMs. When doing RD, you just listen to and follow the CMs directions. We watched some come from next to the Castle and down to 7DMT and we were coming up to it, it was about the same amout of time either way, at least from what we saw.

Oh, thanks.

I can’t remember, where’s the entrance to 7DMT train - by Ariel’s grotto or across from Winnie the Pooh?

Winnie the Pooh

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Sorry to interrupt your post. We are Australians but am struggling with all the abbreviations here, ( not to mention what we would wear on our feet you cover your bottom with !!) is there somewhere I can get a list of the abbreviations? What is 7DMT ? DS ( dear son? ) Oh boy so consussed


7DMT is the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train ride. DS, is either dear son or dedicated son (as far as how I have understood DS to be)

Thanks so much… Bit out of practice we haven’t been since 2012 ( big trip from down here!) Í don’t think that ride was there then but remember the Grotto… Just renewed my TP subscription and have flatted 2 laptops twice already today looking at “stuff” you guys are most amazing… Cant believe we are doing our "“once in a life time” trip … AGAIN!!..

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I understand. I know you will get back into the swing of things. We went for 10 nights and had an amazing trip, got engaged and enjoyed lots of good dining. If you look, you will see the trip report that we have been doing for that trip. Maybe it will help you with some of your planning.

That’s an achievement! We’re also in Australia taking our once in a lifetime trip in December … Only the first time though!

I’d do 7DMT first, then go to Space. You need to make sure you’re in good time for RD though, and walk with purpose!

Here is a link to the Abbreviation list that I like. If you ever have a problem with the abbreviations- just ask! I have been trying to remember to write out my answers but old habits are hard to break!


Ladythomas If I can be of any help, although your subscription hére will save you heaps. We used it for our last 2 trips one to LA and then the 2012 trip to Orlando. In DL I didn’t trust it as the tourplan had us heading left right and centre and I couldn’'t see the point of that… But after a few days of not getting through what we had planned we changed over to follow this info and BANG!! it works!!
The info you get on the web is awesome and, well you cant go wrong at WDW, everybody is amazing and we ran into quite a few Aussies working there, they were happy to hear the good old G’day too!.. We did our first DL when the youngest was 6 oldest was 13 (yep big gap) then 8 &15. The oldest isnt coming this time which is a bit sad from a mum point of view, but he has his own life now… Im in WA, if you want anything more than happy to share experiences…

Thank you so much, I knew I had seen one somewhere years ago… Its very long but I’ll get there…

Sorry for all the abbreviations. It was late and I wanted to get the question out before my bedtime. Sometimes we forget there are new people here all the time who may not know our ‘lingo’.

I think of DS as Dear Son. Dedicated? Only when a video game or soccer game is involved. :wink:

So, yes, my question was whether I should ‘walk with purpose’ at Rope Drop (RD) to Space Mountain, (which is only on my plan once) and do 7 Dwarfs Mine Train (7DMT or SDMT) second. Or should I do 7DMT first, (for which I will have a FPP later in the day) and take my chances at Space Mountain second?

I would second the need to rope drop and walk with purpose. . it was about 2 years ago when we did this strategy, but we rope dropped 7dmt. My husband had a bad knee at the time, so kids and I walked with purpose to get to the line and thought he could catch up with us in line. Bad plan. We were near the front of the line and walked right on, so it worked great for us. Even though he started at the front of the line with us, he couldn’t “walk with purpose” and by the time he got there, the line was already quite long (can’t remember exactly, but could have been 45 mins. long enough that we wouldn’t stay and he ended up not being able to ride). If its really important to you, you may want to try to book a pre-rope drop breakfast at be our guest. That (hopefully) will give you a jump on even the rope drop crowd. it worked before they changed the morning show. But for a once-in a lifetime trip, I would definitely try that strategy. Good luck!

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And that brings up another question… on a Crowd Level (CL) 7 Sunday, how early does one have to get to the hub for Rope Drop? Not how early do we have to get to MK, but actually to be waiting at the hub. I’m thinking the one nearest Cosmic Ray’s will be the best, then keep left past the Mad Tea Party and over to 7DMT. But that position at the hub will be crucial, I expect. VikeQueen, you DH might have even made it, if they’d let you come into the park that far beforehand.

Be Our Guest is a good strategy, but nothing’s left now. It really does have to be booked early.

was just reading this article that might be helpful

And have you tried the touring plans reservation finder? it would be worth a shot.