DS Starbucks West side - could I sit for the day?

The Disney Springs Starbucks by Aerophile - says it has a patio… do you think I could sit in my laptop there for the day like I could at any other Starbucks? I have to check out of our condo by 10 am and can’t get to next hotel (on our extended trip) until 4 and have to be online for work that day…

Would love to be at DS for the day, but if this won’t work we will find a regular old non-magical Starbucks…

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That should work. It’s shaded IIRC and loads of place to sit

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I tried to do an emergency meeting at Disney Springs last May. The heat was extreme and my device overheated and shut down. You know your device best, but I wish I was more aware of the temperature with so much concrete around.


I’m wondering why Starbucks in particular.

There are so many great spaces around WDW resorts that would be more comfortable and quieter.

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Really about access. We are checking out of our Air Bnb condo and moving to Royal Pacific for a night. I was concerned about getting to park at any of the WDW resorts. We knew we could park at Starbucks - plus the condo we are checking out of is across the street from DS, so quick to get to.

I’m open to other suggestions though??

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You could still park at DS but then take a bus anywhere in the World to work. But that may not be convenient if you’re lugging stuff, which I get

But if you’re keen to do that most of the Deluxe resorts have some great spaces, as well as Coronado Springs which as a convention hotel has a lot of work spaces available with USB ports and such. And at resorts you’re never far away from food or beverage.

Reverse the trip to get back to DS and move to your new hotel at the ed of your workday

Ooh, random esoteric tip for CSR: when we stayed there during an extreme heat week, DW and I really wanted to enjoy the outdoor ambiance for coffee and lunch stops.

If you sit at the tables outside the doors near El Mercado, they open and close so often that the AC blasts through the open doors making the hotty heat outside not so bad.


Not lugging stuff so much, but I have an early call (starts before checkout time but will last until after checkout time), don’t want to have to rely on waiting for bus from the springs.

Anyone have any intel on the Royal Pacific lobby? Think I could find some quiet space there?

This is all good info… will probably just find some out-of-bubble place to park for the day. Thanks for ideas!

Oh! Yes! The Sushi Restaurant, on the right side of the entrance floor (as you enter opposite side of building from check in desk) will not be open. In that area there are chairs, couches, tables. It is quiet, cool and comfortable.

I am talking about the seating on the right of these photos but these pictures are during the day when the restaurant is not serving.


I would recommend going straight to Royal Pacific, there is plenty of quiet seating there, relaxed for two hours there while waiting for our bus back to airport, and there is always possibility that your RP room is ready early.