Dropping Pre-RD BOG ADR Jan 25

Does anyone want to try and grab them when I cancel? I have Be Our Guest ADR’s at 8:05am, 9 people; and 5:25pm, 4 people. Both are on January 25.

EDIT: The dinner reservation is gone, but breakfast still available.

I’m interested in the 5:25 pm one on 1/25 if you’re still around and haven’t dropped it yet.

I’m online right now. Want to do it?

I’m here! Sorry. I was mopping the kitchen! Yes please!

OK! :slight_smile: Are you logged into MDE?


OK. I’m ready, I will do it right now.

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I got it! Thanks so much!

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My friends will be so impressed. We have a girls trip planned and only settled on dates a few weeks ago.

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Yay! So glad. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Some people may scoff at obsessive planning but you can’t scoff at the payoff of associating with all the other compulsive planners online…


How awesome!!

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I never scoff!! It’s super cool how we all help each other feed our obsessions. :laughing:


I think our opportunity to meet may just happen in January! I will be there 1/25 through 1/31 with some Disneyland friends. What are your dates?



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