Dropping off at ttc then going back to park?

Question for those that have driven to ttc at magic kingdom. I know there is a drop off spot at the ttc. But can one person in our party drop everyone off with strollers, bags etc then go back and park and meet us or will the road only take them to exit and they will not be able to circle back around to the parking lot? Thinking this would be easier with strollers and little ones and by time we get every one and every thing in strollers and get bags thru security , the driver can easily hop on tram without all the baggage and go right thru no bag line and meet us. Has anyone done this?

Does anyone know the answer???

I do not think that this is possible unless you were to follow a bus into the bus area and drop off. But I would think that would be frowned upon. You’d likely be asked to drop off at the TTC.

I am talking about TTC. I read there is a drop off point at ttc but wasn’t sure if person could loop back around and park. Everything I have read is about dropping off teenagers at ticket center and parents not staying so they had no need to park car. I just don’t want my son to drop us off then the road take him all the way back out of the the parking area and he can’t turn around to get in to park

Are you just worried about strollers on the tram? If you arrive for rope drop, it is only a couple hundred yard walk to the TTC and you won’t need the tram. I’ve never done a drop off situation, but I doubt that they make you drive all the way back out to I-drive. There must be a way to loop back to park.

Ok. Thanks and yes. We have two strollers plus bags so really difficult with tram. Folding , unfolding and carrying bags and little ones. Was thinking this may save one step and my son Could easily just hop on. Wasn’t sure of walk from parking lot. At HS we had no problem and walked but knew mk was different Last time we went we took bus

While I have not been to the TTC since the new screening processes were added, we have driven there many times in the past. I personally think you might end up having to wait for the driver if you do the drop off scenario. I would just recommend just getting there early and having a great parking spot. Then you’ll have all hands on deck to push the strollers and carry the bags. You don’t have to fold for the monorail or the ferry (one of the reasons we prefer the TTC).


I thought I understood your question, then I wasn’t sure. If your question is can you drop your family off, park the car, and then meet them where you dropped them off, then the answer is yes. It’s kind of a long “drive around” at the TTC and EP, not as bad at DHS or AK. But it will definitely add time to your morning.

This is strictly prohibited.

Thanks! I’m realizing I’ve never been to the MK bus loop.

I also misunderstood the OP, so I apologize. She was looking to drop off at the TTC and not at MK directly.

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Curious what the OP ended up doing. We are staying off site so will be entering from the TTC for the first time. We have an 8:10 PPO BOG. So thinking through the timing.

How long from TTC to back of park?

I would give myself 40 mins for security, transport to MK, getting through turnstiles, down mainstreet, through breakfast entrance and to BOG. If you go faster they will seat you as early as 8:00.

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