Dropping an ogas cantina ressie 10/30

Had 2 ogas times reserved on 10/30 becasue I didnt know my exact plan for the day. I have a better idea of what i want to do now so I am going to cancel the 11:40 time i have for 5 people. If someone here needs it i can wait to cancel until you are near a computer so you can try and pick it up? Let me know

Doh! One day off! I am looking for a 10/29 … 10/30 is our last/travel day

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Do you still have this reservation? I see it’s been a few days, but thought I’d check. We’d love an ADR for this date!

Sorry dropped a few days ago. Needed to put something else in that same time slot. Are you going all week? I may have another i might drop on the 1st at night and can let you know if i do?

We are there 10/24 thru 11/2. We were trying to find one that fit with our current ADR “schedule map” and the 30th was our only flexible day. Otherwise we’d looked at going to HS on 10/25 and 11/1. Not sure if I’m making sense, but hope I’m being clear enough!

I get it, ADR dictate everything. These reservations came out of nowhere and with ADRs already booked it isnt easy to fit GE stuff into without the possibility of sacrificing skmething else. I will post if i drop the 11/1 just in case you need it or of someone else needs it. I am sure more will ckme up too.

Thanks much! Truly appreciate it. One (unknowable at this point) question I have is how these SWGE reservations work if you won’t necessarily have guaranteed admittance to that portion of the park… and how does that impact the hour “cancellation” window? :sleepy: This vacation seems SOOO much more complicated than the previous ones! :sob::joy:

From what was said in other posts having a reservation would guarantee your entrance into the land for you and anyone else on the reservation. Also other posts were saying that entrance would be allowed 1 hour prior to the reservation time! I am sure that cacellation policies would be waived if for any reason you werent permitted entrance.

All of that is good news! Especially as I’m preparing for what rides to FPP for in other areas of the park that day! Thanks again!

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