Drop off at Contemporary - do they let you do it?

Hi there,

Is it ok to get an Uber to drop me at the Contemporary to walk to MK?

I was worried that the Contemporary might try to stop this, or does it work ok?


You’re not “supposed” to so you have to have a “reason” to do it. Like “meeting a friend” or “eating at a restaurant” or “attending the unnecessary quotes 12 step meeting.”



Thank you! Maybe I’ll play it safe and go to the TTC. On a normal 9am MK opening day (but where it’s going to be a busy day), what time should I get there to safely get to rope drop in Main Street by 9am?

If you want the sneaky way, you could do an ADR at one of the Contemporary restaurants. Arrive early and once you are in you modify the ADR to a later date and then cancel.

If the app gives you trouble, call them and simply say you won’t make it to your ADR (which technically is true). I’ve never been charged a late fee for cancelling an ADR even after completely missing it.

I am with @Randall1028 on this issue that I don’t really think there is any way for them to NOT allow you to drop off at the Contemporary. Sure, they may not like that people do it, but you can hop out of a Lyft in the time it takes the guard to ask the driver for his ID. The guard isn’t going to chase you down.

Even if you don’t jump out there (dangerous traffic, yada, yada) and they hassle the driver, all he or she needs to do is yes the guard to death and then they still HAVE to pull in to turn around. Whoops, this passenger door just popped open and I fell out of the car in this parking lot adjacent to Magic Kingdom…


Say you are there to eat and shop which I recommend anyway. The mural on the concourse is worth seeing and there are some good things to eat at the QS Contempo Cafe. Shopping is fun there, too, IMO.

There is one particular guard there who is a complete grump even when we told him we were utilizing valet parking. If you get him, ignore and enjoy your day. The valet folks knew exactly who I was talking about when I mentioned it.