Drop-off and Pick-up at AK

We are about halfway through our family trip and having a ball! Some of our family members are ready for a late-start morning or two, while others are more than happy to get up early every single day for RD… especially at AK. :wink: Can one family member drop off and later pick up half of our group without paying $20 to park? I believe this can be done but most of the information I’m finding on Google is a few years old…just want to make sure something hasn’t changed recently.

If you are staying on property you shouldn’t have to pay to park. You can also let the gate attendant know and they may direct you to a drop off area.

We are staying offsite but since I have an annual pass, we haven’t been paying for parking anyway. My dad, however, does NOT have an annual pass and he would be the one dropping us early birds off at AK and picking us up again a few hours later. I don’t want him to run into any issues or hassles when he comes back to pick us up!

Also, is the pick up / drop off area clearly marked? When we went to AK pre-RD on Friday, there was nobody yet manning the entrance to the parking lot. :confused: