Drop bags at a hotel I’m not staying in?

I’m visiting Orlando next week and am staying at a private house in Davenport, which is other side of town to the airport.

Could I take an Uber to HRH in the morning, drop my bags there, and then walk to the parks? Despite not actually staying there?


Logistically yes. The bag hold area seems to work independently from the reception area, so if they don’t see you come in then they won’t know you’re not checking out.


We stayed at Disney and had a day at Universal. Had the Lyft drop us off at Hard Rock to avoid Citywalk and get a bite from the basement Starbucks on the beautiful garden walk to USF. It worked great!


I did this at the GF and Contemporary at WDW many times. I usually just say I’m checking in and don’t have my room number yet. Or just hand them over and say as little as possible. I think once I even said I was just eating at Citricos. I don’t think this will be a problem at all.


If it helps - what day? We’ll be at UOR at the end of next week. Staying at Portofino

ETA: Because I just thought this might sound weird, and you don’t really know me. You could “drop my name” at bag check, if they’re giving you shit about leaving bags there.


Liners don’t need a lot of introduction - it’s like family.


Might help to have a name and room number, if someone asks. But I’m probably being overcautious.

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Sent you a DM with my real name and more specific travel dates.

Yes… It’s not any big deal.

Everyone at the start of topic thread is right. The don’t ask for anything other than name. I’m never been asked for a room number. I’ve dropped my bags off at multiple UOR hotels without a room number and they don’t care. They just take the name and give you a ticket. (Don’t lose that ticket!! LOL!!)

Do give the kids $2 -$5 per bag, dependent on size, amount of bags and weight, as a gratuity though!! (You are working them and not a guest!)


Yeah, tip at the start saying you know it’s a weird ask and then tip at the end as a thank you.