Droid workshop missing from the attractions list?

I’m planning a Hollywood Studios day using the web.

I have successfully added a reservation for Savi’s workshop and it recorded the length of time and the confirmation number.

I cannot find a way to also add our reservation for the droid building workshop. What am I missing?

Liners on Chat have said in the past they put it in as a “break”.

Ask for more recent intel here- then scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then WDW Chat-


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I think I see some of the problem. If you put Droid Depot on your personalized touring plan when you first create it, it IS listed as a choice under “Shows, Parades & Diversions,” and insists on you adding a time and duration for it.

But if you already have a plan created and are trying to add Droid Depot, it is NOT listed as a choice under the “Shows, Parades & Diversions.” It looks like an accidental omission from the list. It would be listed after Disney Movie Magic and before Fanstasmic!

Maybe you could start over with creating a personalized plan from scratch identical to what you already have, but be sure to add Droid Depot then. When you save it, it will give you an error to add time and duration if you haven’t already done so.


I emailed webmaster (TP) and David (from TP) just emailed me an explanation. The plans already have a way to add your Droid Depot reservation, just not in the way I expected. Here’s what David said:


I apologize for the confusion. You can add Droid Depot to an existing plan on our website by clicking the “Add Reservation” button, as if you were going to add a meal. It’s a scheduled event like a meal, and we chose to put it there. We realize that’s not super-intuitive, and we’ll probably do something different whenever we next overhaul our touring plan user interface.

I hope that helps! Thanks for the feedback."