Driving to the Parks

We’ll be staying at AS Movies when we go in October. We are driving down, as we’ve always done. In the past, we’ve always taken Disney transportation everywhere but I’m wanting to try driving this time. I’m trying to figure out how long we need to allow between leaving the resort and walking in the front gate at the parks. Is it the same / less / more than buses?

Also, for park hopping days, is it easier to drive or take Disney transportation? Specifically if hopping to MK.


A good rough estimate from the All-Star resorts is a 15 minute drive to Epcot or the Studios and less than 10 minutes to Animal Kingdom. I’ll usually take the bus to Magic Kingdom, just because it takes you right to the park without having to go through the TTC.

Once you’ve parked at Epcot, the Studios, or Animal Kingdom then expect a 10 minute walk/tram ride. If arriving before rope drop, you’ll probably park closer, so shave a couple minutes off that time.

As for park hopping, it’s hard to say for sure, because it depends on where you’re going. If going from park to park, then you’re right that taking Disney transportation to MK is usually faster than driving + it’s a pain to get back to your car at another park. There are times, however, where I might have dinner or drinks at a monorail resort, so I’ll park there and leave my car until I return from the MK that evening.


@flyer gave great times and advice.

It is best to use the disney bus for the magic kingdom.

If you are parkhopping and going from park to park without any break. I think it would be best to invest in the express bus. That would take you from inside one park to inside another park. You would be able to avoid going through security again that way. Saving you a good chunk of time. It will also save you so e walking as you will be dropped off inside the park.


That is a great bonus! I did not realize that little bit.

That is the point of the express bus. You do not have to go through security again if you use the express bus

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