Driving to Magic Kingdom

We’re considering driving to the Magic Kingdom from our resort, but don’t know too much about what to expect. We hope to be able to get there as early as possible.

Anyone have experience with this? Any advice? How much time does it take from the TTC to Magic Kingdom via monorail? What’s the parking lot like at the TTC? Can you walk to the monorail from your parking space?

If anyone has any experience driving to Hollywood Studios, I’d love to hear about it as well.

We drove to all the parks on our last trip. For MK specifically, I’d leave a half hour to get to security/the tap stiles once you’ve parked your car. Yes, you can walk to the TTC from your car (we never took the tram) and from there, either the ferry or the monorail. If everything is timed perfectly, you can do it quickly, but a half hour gives you some cushion.

Driving to any of the other parks is easier because it’s just walking from your spot to the gates. For those, I left 15 minutes for the walk (we have two kids/a stroller though, so if you’re all adults/fast walkers, it might take less!).

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Thanks! Same boat - two kiddos/stroller.

Just to clarify, you go through security at the TTC or is that MK security you mean?

I would say 30-45 minutes total for the time it takes to get from your car to the TTC (tram, or walking if you are close enough), through security, then taking the monorail or ferry to MK and then through tapstyles.

30 minutes might be close, depending on crowds…so 45 minutes is probably safest bet.

For HS, you can just park and walk/tram to the security/tapstyles, so you need less time. Maybe 15-20 minutes??

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oh yes - that’s right, we did do bag check/metal detectors at TTC this time! so just tap stiles when you arrive. given that, maybe closer to 40 minutes per Ryan!

About how long does it take to get through security? Just looking to get a good idea as to when to arrive/park at TTC if I want to get to MK by a certain time.

We almost always drive to the parks. We usually anticipate 45 minutes to park at MK and get into the park and 20-30 minutes at other parks. Parking at MK early in the morning is not bad and you should be close enough to walk to the TTC. If you arrive later in the day, it will take longer.


We’ve driven to all the parks at one time or other. I will say that if you happen to have skyliner access that is way, way faster. Not necessarily faster with buses. MK is the most frustrating of the parks to drive to b/c you still have to wait a long time for the monorail and there’s a lot of walking. We had handicap access our last trip b/c my husband needs it now and that was still a long walk from the handicapped parking to the TCC. Whatever people are saying, increase the time a little to give yourself padding. We had 2 MK days and ran for our first FP both times. It was not fun. I just way underestimated how long it would take to get in—and we’d been 2 times previously. I think the construction (as it was in Nov when I went) is making it harder to get in. In contrast all the other parks are way easier to enter b/c you don’t have the TCC. Although I’d think that HS might be difficult now b/c it’s so popular. We didn’t drive that one last time b/c we had skyliner so I can’t comment on that. The really awesome thing about having your own car however is the end of the day when so many are waiting in long lines for the bus and you just go to your car.

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I’ll be driving to the parks for the first time this June so this info is useful! For a PPO at BOG (9am opening) would arrival at TTC by 7am be adequate?

I don’t want to guess b/c we never made it anywhere that early. I’d love to try rope drop but we have a someone in our party who just doesn’t do early mornings well.

We always drive, sometimes it’s extremely quick, but a few there have been monorail/ ferry delays. I would make sure to park 45 minutes to an hour before you want to be in the park.

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We parked at 715 for an 820 reservation, which would have been fine except BoG was having computer problems and they checked us in via paper printout. I wish we had been there a few minutes earlier so 7am should work in case of weirdness.

I find MK is the longest time for going thru security. Definitely need extra time for the process there.

Yes - they let all PPO folks in at 7:45, so that would be fine.

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