Driving or taking the shuttle to the parks?

Hi - we’re going to Universal Memorial Day weekend and we will have a car because we have two graduations to attend. Since we have a car and we will probably stay onsite, is it worth it to drive to the parks or take the shuttle? Is there free park parking since we are staying onsite? Thank you.

Just use the bus. It is faster and easier than driving.


I’m so excited for you! I see you have at least 3 - 4 threads open with questions.

I’m going to suggest you make a single post for yourself. Then ask all your questions there.

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I’ll do that. I was trying to stick to the blog topic and not mix it up. Tks


You’ll pay twice if you drive to the parks parking garages - once for your hotel spot & again for the parking garage UNLESS you have an AP that includes free park parking.


I didn’t realize Universal did this!


Where are you staying?

Some resorts have water taxi or access to walking path to get to the parks.

We stayed at CBBR near the walking path and it was faster to go by foot to IOA than take the bus. Reason is the security screening at the walking path was very short compared to the bus. We walked in the morning when it was cool.

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Utilizing the shuttle can save you the hassle of driving and parking, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your time at Universal.


When staying on-site it make NO sense to drive to the parks. You are going to be impressed with how easy UOR on-site transportation operates.

I stopped riding WDW buses decades ago as they were, IME, unreliable and often too full to pick-up people. You never have that issue at UOR. Buses operate at 6 minute intervals and during peak times multiple buses are queued up ready to pick-up everyone! Getting to & from the parks will be so easy! (Even easier than driving!! The parking garage is a hassle!!)