Drive time between DS and MK?


Hi, we will be taking our daughters to BBB in DS at 9:30 on Nov 23. What should we allow for drive time from DS to MK parking lot and then additional time to actually make it inside the park? TIA!


I would say 45 minutes to an hour. The problem with MK is it’s hard to get to. If you are driving you will need to park at the ticket center and then take the monorail or boat to MK.


I would probably leave yourselves an hour, but I don’t honestly think it will take that long. It’s max a ten minute drive from DS to the TTC. Mid-day you will probably need to take a parking tram, so 5 min. 10 min for security and a generous 20 minutes to wait for and ride the ferry/mono. That’s 45 minutes but if you walk right onto a departing ferry you would save 15. So it’s not that bad!