Drinks or Food in Lines

Are there some lines you can drink/eat in while waiting? I recall getting a beer and then attempting to walk one of the trails in Animal Kingdom to be told I could not enter. That is not a line, but rather the attraction itself and there are live animals around.

I just optimized an Animal Kingdom half day where my crowd level has jumped up a couple notches - and it put the safari ride last with a 25 minute wait. It would be nice to grab snacks to eat while waiting.

We will not be using fast passes at Animal this day.

Answers could apply to any line in any park.

Most queues, including the safari, have garbage and recycling cans before the loading area. You can eat and drink in line, up to these last cans.

Are Yak and Yeti Beverages served in to-go cups?

No food or drink in Nemo line while waiting outside. You must finish all drinks before being allowed into the queue

@IMMommyDearest, I don’t have an answer but I like your touring style!

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I am pretty sure all the queuea to animals areas other than at the front of the park, require you to dispose of all drinks and food to keep folks from dumping garbage near the animals.