Drink Recommendations at Oga’s and The Sacred Place

I’m at a bit of a loss as to where to start with these more creative drink menus, and the feedback I’ve read seems to indicate personal preference may be a pretty important factor.

Given our “go to” drink preferences listed below, what would y’all recommend? Not a heavy drinker, so I’ll probably only get 1-2 attempts to find a winner!

Me: Margaritas, scotch (prefer speyside), frangelico, Irish coffee, red wine (malbecs, riojas), hard cider, chocolatey dessert-type drinks

DH: will drink any of the above but lately has been honing in on old fashioneds and mules, also a beer-drinker (Boddingtons, Chimay, Gulden Draak, Blue Moon, Shiner)

When we went to Oga’s last year, I played it super safe with the hard cider and DH went for the Rancor flight. I’m hoping to venture out into something a bit more interesting this time! :sweat_smile:


I’m not a huge drinker either. Feel free to get an alcoholic drink and then try some of the non-alcoholic ones! If you get to stand at the bar, it’s just a fun experience no matter what you’re drinking.


Hightower rocks is my go to at the sacred space. It’s basically a watermelon margarita and it is delicious as most tequila drinks are.


If you like tart, my wife loved the Jedi mind trick at Oga’s. For DH, I really enjoyed the Slug Slinger. Not old fashioned-y since it has tequila but it includes bitters. Really loved it. Maybe you would too if you like the tequila part or the margaritas.

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How pronounced is the grapefruit? Grapefruit (and cranberry juice) often have a metallic after taste for me. (I’ve heard that’s a personal chemistry thing?)

Not sure. I had a taste and thought it was delightful but I also like tart. She is also into sour beers, which are often too sour for many.


My faves at Nomad are Jenn’s Tattoo, Hightower Rocks, and Annapurna Zing.

On a cool night the Tempting Tigress is good but it’s a bit heavy for hot weather; the others are all more refreshing


Uses super good tequila too. Very smooth.


I had the Jedi mind trick and I found the floral aspect to be more pronounced than. The grapefruit. It was also hand mixed by the bartender (unlike many of the others which are premixed), so you may be able to ask for light on the grapefruit. I still found it sweet as I don’t usually drink mixed drinks. But it was really good.

My sisters had the sling which tasted like a regular margarita to me.

My husband had the bourbon juice drink. Tasted way more like juice than bourbon so I’d caution your husband against it. (DH was hoping it would be like an old fashioned but it missed the mark)


We are drink preference twins. At Ogas I got The Outer Rim. I liked it so much and sucked it down so fast I ordered another. Which was about 1/2 a drink too many, but it was really delicious.

The Outer Rim $17

Patrón Silver Tequila, Cedilla Açaí Liqueur, Lime Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, with Black Salt and Exotic Fruit Purée

At The Sacred Space I get the Night Monkey every time. I can drink 2, barely.

Night Monkey $13

Plantation Original Dark Rum, Guava Purée, Coffee Simple Syrup, and Lime Juice with a hint of Cilantro

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I second the outer rim at Ogas! My fav. My fav at nomad is def the Annapurna Zing…if you like ginger beer. I love just about any drink that has ginger beer in it or some salt on the rim. Good drinks with contrasting flavors./ tastes.


I find the drinks at Oga’s to be very weak on the alcohol front and a lot are pretty sweet. My favorites are the Slug Slinger (seems stronger than others and not that sweet) and of course, the Fuzzy Tauntaun but not much alcohol in it and sweet. To me it is all about the atmosphere but it felt weird when we were there in Feb - empty (rightfully so!), no singing, etc.

Sacred space can’t go wrong with that heavenly menu. Hightower rocks is chef’s kiss and big fan of the Tattoo.

I am also a green milk gal! Delicious!


Oh oh. I’m Team Blue. :no_mouth:

The green reminds my fam of grass, somehow…

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I wish I was a Blue Milk gal because of the color. It is also so good but I simply love Green.

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While I’m not sure you’d be interested (since it’s rum based and a bit sweeter), we discovered in February that you can order the Yub Nub without paying for the souvenir mug. They just pick it up with the rest of the glassware, and it cost the same as the others around $16. We also learned that you can get the drinks to go in a plastic cup, if you want a 3rd round of anything!