Dress Code for dining…

Two days until we leave so sorry for the onslaught of questions :wink:

How casually are people dressed for their ADR’s?? We are going to be hitting the parks in some super comfy gear and then hitting our dining reservations at Akershus, for example. Is it okay to hit these places in jeans / leggings and t-shirts / sneakers?

Typically we would probably gussy up a bit before going for dinner anywhere, but don’t think that will be possible in the parks……

Park attire is appropriate for basically all Park restaurants - there are dress codes for some of the fine dinning signature restaurants in the resorts, like GC, YC and V&A

If it’s in a park, anything goes - even at the signatures.

V&A is the only restaurant with a “strict” dress code of no jeans and jackets are required for men. But if you are going to V&A, you’re probably planning on making it a “dress up” night any way.

For the signatures outside of the parks, “resort casual” is recommended. For me that means khakis and a polo shirt - or maybe a nice sweater if it’s during the “cooler” months. I’ve also worn a suit and have not felt “overdressed”. Would you be denied entrance in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt? Probably not - but I would feel “underdressed”. I believe that they do draw the line at tank tops (for men), swimwear, etc.


Perfect. Thank you for your information! That’s helpful :smile: