Dreaming of Halloween

Do we dare start dreaming about Halloween? I booked GCL while I wait for park reservations to release. What are your thoughts about Boo to You at MK? Villains After Dark? Something?! Anything?!


I think DLR with have some kind of Halloween event. A lot of “Boo to You” was distanced character meetings / candy stops.

IMHO - We’ll know more after the July 4th holiday. That will give CA two holidays, Memorial Day & Independence Day, to see if there are any major COVID spikes.

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I agree. I think watching the opening of AC will also be very telling about how DLR is managing people, and large scale events. Right now things just seem a little lopsided with so much change in WDW and so much waiting for DLR. Perhaps I am just impatient!


I’ve never been to DL at all but it’s on my bucket list b/c I want to see the Nightmare before Xmas overlay on the HM. Someday…your post made me smile b/c it made me think of this. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed that you get to check it off your bucket list soon!

DS9 is completely obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas and this year was supposed to be the year we went to Disneyland for the first time and intended to go for this overlay. That got caboshed, so I’m hoping in the next year or two, we can realize this dream. :crossed_fingers:t2:


I’m going in early November with a friend who is also obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas. For her sake, I hope they do the overlay this year!