Drawn to Life

Hello Touring Plans Family! Has anyone seen Drawn to Life in Disney Springs? I’ve heard good things from vloggers and bloggers, but would love to hear from Liners as well! Thinking about getting tickets for our December trip.

I went in February and really enjoyed it.

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Revisiting this thread. With only one response earlier…maybe more have been since the original post?

We are planning to go in January 2024…so we have quite a while. But I’m specifically curious about seating. The price difference between the seats is significant. And yet, I’ve read a few comments elsewhere mentioning that any seat is decent enough. So, I’m curious to know if the price difference between a balcony seat at, say, ~$80/ticket, and a main floor ticket at nearly $200 is worth it? (For the record, I’m not willing to pay $200…but I’m trying to understand what the viewing difference actually is.)

It was just discussed on the Disney Dish this week where a person wrote in to say they went and bough the cheap seats and were not at all far from the stage.

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Okay. Cool. Good info. Thanks

We saw it in April of last year and absolutely loved it. I had never seen any cirque show before so I didn’t have expectations but not only was I mesmerized by the stunts/skills, I was also very moved by the story telling. It is beautiful. Highly recommend. We were the last row of the lower section and we thought our seats were great. I also think the first row of the upper section is a very good spot too: there is some aerial work that we were craning our necks to see. So each area is going to have its benefits.



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