Drawn to Life Discounts

Announced today, discounts for Florida Residents, DVC, and AP.

Cirque’s website says that it is only for seating categories 2 & 3. There are also some black out dates.

There was a $15 difference, per person in the price I paid for our category 3 tickets in July.


Is this the first time they have offered discounts?

I think so, for this show anyway.

Makes me worry for it


Yeah- these are the discounts seats available for the show we are going to:


I was looking yesterday and there is an awful lot of availability for most of the shows. I am concerned as well.


Show no good? Or has Chapek bled everyone dry?

Will see it on 7/22!


I would guess it’s hard to lure people away from the parks due to the latter. If APs are heavily Florida based given they have been paused for everyone else for a while, then it makes sense they are offering an AP discount to incentivize more local crowds to come. For everyone else that pays an arm and a kidney to come, paid extras are better park based I would think.


UK promo gives 2 tickets for each bought package…


The show is very good. We saw it in February.


There really is. I just looked at a day during my trip in two weeks. They need to sell tickets fast: the theatre will be virtually empty —

By contrast, when I booked my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets there were maybe half a dozen unsold seats.

I will say the prices seem really high. That’s what’s putting me off.

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If you decide to go, my research advised to sit high in the center … behind the walkway. We decided to go with Cat 3 (blue), section 204.

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For what it’s worth, it has horrible TripAdvisor reviews:

We have seen the show. It is not “horrible” but it is not for everyone. It is cirque du soleil … circus acts, surrounded by an overall story.

The show begins some very strong and entertaining acts. Then the acts and music slows way down and becomes “artsy.” My wife loved the show beginning to end. I liked the first part and felt bored the second half. Parts also felt “juvenile” for kids in the audience.
There is very little dialog and talking, so you need to be able to follow the story through visual queues, but since it keeps kids in mind, you will be able to follow the story.

Essentially, it depends on your definition of “entertainment” if you need action and activity, the show gets slow. If you like visual activity and story-telling, you will likely enjoy it.

90 minute show, no intermission.

Overall, it is probably pricey for the level of overall entertainment. Absolutely no reason to pay high prices and sit down close. it is not a huge theater. Probably not a bad seat in the place, so save a few dollars and sit a little farther back.

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