Drawn to Life 2023/2024

There have been a few threads on this, but decided to start a new one because the others are a bit older.

So, I noticed that through Sept. 30, they have discounted tickets as low as $59. We are planning to go March 2024 (probably Saturday…although it will depend on when we can go to Hoop Dee Do). I am wondering if anyone has gone recently, and if they aren’t filling the theater. There was concern last year when they started offering discounts for FL residents, DVC, and AP. Now it is for everyone. Is there reason to think it either isn’t very good, or that it might end up ending?


Funny enough, this reminded me that I never finished my July trip report. :man_facepalming:t2:

We did this our last night. We got into the theater about 7:50pm for the Thurs 8pm show and were surprised to see only about 50-60% of the seats filled. Only saw 20-30 people slip in after we did.

It was very good. I had never seen any Cirque show before, but it exceeded the already lofty reviews. Several jaw-dropping acts woven together to fit the artist theme beautifully. I’m not sure why more seats aren’t filled. Apparently right now there are more showings than demand dictates, at least on weeknights? I’m sure some that would otherwise like it aren’t aware of it, can’t fit it into their trip, or don’t want to shell out more on top of an already pricey stay.

The summer deal is what caught our attention. Sat in circled area, first blue row.

The view was great. For anyone new to this theater, the upper seating is not some crazy high balcony with a sharp downward angle toward the stage like some other theaters. The top of the lower section essentially continues on to the upper, seamlessly. The perspective is good anywhere, but probabably would opt for something reasonably centered.

Not sure it’s something I’d personally pay for multiple times, but was well worth it to see at least once, and hope it does well enough to stick around awhile.


Any thoughts on whether kids (ages 5 and 8) would enjoy the show?

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This is what I was hoping. I have seen a Cirque knock-off show and loved it, so I can only imagine this being all the better. With it so empty, though, I worry they could cancel the show before we make it. Technically I can buy tickets now, but I will hold off. Maybe they will offer discounts for our date as we get closer.

That’s one of the areas we were thinking about, so I’m glad to know it is a good view.

Wait…you were there in July? :wink:


I have seen a few Cirque shows, including La Nouba (the previous show in this venue) like 15-20 years ago. I would like to see Drawn to Life but there are so many things to do in WDW! It’s hard to justify taking a night away from the parks, where I have already paid for tickets and can ride rides or watch nighttime entertainment.

I’m not sure when it will ever make sense for me to go. I’m much more likely to see a show in Vegas — and there are still a few there I haven’t seen.

This isn’t an issue in our case, since we will be at WDW four nights, but only one park day! Crazy, I know. But is partly because we want to do Hoop Dee Do and Drawn to Life. Fortunately there is a lot to do at WDW that doesn’t involve going into a park!



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O is still my favorite show of all time.

I’ve seen Varekai, Corteo, and ‘Twas the Night Before on tour.

In Vegas, I’ve also seen Love and Zumanity (but that’s a topic for the Uncensored thread :wink:)


This has probably been my favorite so far. Very cool.

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O was my favorite … until I saw Ka.

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Yes indeed. Seen it too and Beatles (that was love right?) and the water one (is that O?). I liked La Nouba better than all of those.