Dragon Challenge Replacement Info


What is the latest that people have heard about the replacement for Dragon Challenge? Last I knew, it was going to be Hagrid themed (flying motorcycles) and it was to open in 2019.


I thought there was a recent twitter post that gave a sneak peak, but I can’t find it?


Very little official info announced yet, but the coaster cars have been seen testing on the track and scaffolding is coming down.

The coaster cars look like Hagrid’s motorbike with sidecar attached,
It is rumored to open summer 2019.

Here’s the most recent article that I read. IT’s dated 1/31/2019 and includes construction photos of track layout and discussion of show scenes:


Thanks for the link. It looks amazing!!


I have been keeping tabs on the spy photos posted frequently. Looks like it is going to be awesome…at least by Universal standards. Glad we’ll get to ride it next year!


Great info - thanks!


A number of great Vlogs have dedicated some time to it. The most comprehensive has been Midway Mayhem as far as just showing progress and revealing details but others like Tim Tracker, Prince Charming Dev, etc have detailed bits and pieces. While not “officially” confirmed it is known from submitted plans that it will be a triple-launch LSM or LIM coaster themed to Hagrid’s motorbike, will feature one vertical stall element, a backwards section, and numerous scenes and vignettes themed to the Forbidden Forest. It’s also going to have a very rare drop track element in one of the 3 or 4 show buildings they’re building that the ride will go through! Good chance that if Intamin (coaster manufacturer) and Universal pull this off it will be one of the great coasters in the US and handily the best themed coaster ever built. For what it’s worth, both the world-class Maverick at Cedar Point and the exceptional Incredicoaster at Disney’s California Adventure are Intamin launch coasters so it will have thrills to go with the theming.


I actually hope it is nothing like Maverick. I really hate that ride at CP!


Here is an article I just saw today that had some pretty good info (credit to @brerbeer for bringing it to my attention) :


Summer 2019 hm? Wonder will it open in time for our visit in July? It would certainly be a big thrill for us if it does!


Thanks to all for the great info!


haha, fair enough but as a huge coaster enthusiast with over 200 credits, Maverick is in my top 5! I liked it more at CP than even Millennium Force!


I come off Maverick in pain. Even the designer of the coaster, before it first opened, found it was too intense and had to eliminate one of the elements! It is a nice concept, but I don’t want to have to work so hard at keeping myself from getting hurt when riding a coaster. They won’t allow people to ride it who wear earrings. Before they made that rule, we actually saw a girl come off of it bloodied from her earrings!


Oh I can totally understand that. It’s super intense and definitely not to everyone’s liking, but then I’ve always loved g-forces and ejector air in a coaster over things like drop height, floater air, and inversions. It will probably come as no surprise then that my no. 1 coaster I’ve ever ridden, by some distance too, is Intimidator 305 at King’s Dominion, haha. Another Intamin and routinely described as a combination of MF and Maverick, naturally. I even rank hypers like Titan at SFOT over more “illustrious” large coasters because that ride has never failed to grey me out. It’s definitely down to personal preference for sure and I 100% get why a lot of people don’t or won’t like that sort of ride on a coaster.


I just hit 400 last summer and S:RoS SFNE is still easily my top steel (though a lot of RMC’s are getting close). I adore all 3 of the S:RoS’s (though the helices are kind of wasted track) and MF and abhor Goliath MM and Titan. All the B&M’s kind of jumble up in the middle somewhere for me, though AC and Behemoth are near the top of that list. Haven’t been on Intimidator 305 or Maverick (gasp). As long as Intamin isn’t killing people, I love their rides.


I felt that way…until Maverick. I have tried it several times, and keep thinking THIS will be the time I like it.

MF is still my favorite. Pure adrenaline. Love it.


Oh wait, I forgot about Skyrush. That thing could easily have been my number 1 steel if it didn’t destroy my legs. It’s probably generously just outside my top 20 but more because I wanted to like it even though I didn’t actually like it. Storm Runner has 1 bangy spot and Kingda Ka is definitely worse for its restraints, but anything with those early 00’s lapbars and minimalist trains is soooo good.


I liked Skyrush a lot. It didn’t bother me, but my son felt the same as you…killed his legs.


I thought both MF and Leviathan (the only gigas I’ve been on) were just good doing the day and great at night. In particular, MF in front at night is unbelievable. Like, definitely one of my favorite coaster experiences anywhere under any circumstances.