Dragon Challenge Close Date- Official


Official last day for Dragon Challenge is September 4. My boys loved DC, so we’re sad that we won’t get to do it again on our next visit in January. But, I’m excited for a new attraction in Hogsmeade! Hopefully it will be similar to the Arthur and the Invisibles ride discussed on UUOP.

Thanks for posting this! My 50 year old sister started texting me today that they were closing the only ride she likes to do multiple times…

Interesting. Makes me wonder what the replacement will be. As it is, Dragon Challenge was a barely re-themed version of the dragon coaster that had been there since IOA opened. I rode it a number of times in its original form, never had a chance to see the re-theme (which was basically just the queue).

Read this yesterday, I’m so sad! Dragon Challenge definitely lost something from Duelling Dragons when both coasters launched at once, but both sides were great in their own right.

Our next trip will be 2019, so I’m hoping the new ride will be open for us.

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Arthur and the Invisibles Ride

On the most recent Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, they discussed a rumor that the DC replacement would be a Forbidden Forest-themed combination dark ride/coaster like the Arthur and the Invisibles ride in Germany. Check out the link above… I think something like that could be pretty incredible!

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I watched a POV of the Arthur ride and am just not impressed. It seems to me to be a glorified dark ride. They keep calling the new HP ride a thrill ride, though. So maybe it will be a sort of the same concept with a bit more umph… I’m thinking 7DMT on steroids.