Drag to reorder on ipad / iphone

Hi everyone. I am working on touring plans using an iPad - is there a way to drag to reorder steps more easily on an iPad or iPhone?
I saw some old posts from years ago saying that this can only be done on a computer but hoping there is a workaround. Thanks!

I don’t have an iPad myself, but you could try opening up the website on your iPad browser and then select the option in your browser menu to use the Desktop site.

I’ve just tried it, and can’t get it to work. The only thing I could do is use the move up/move down buttons as everything else wanted to either open new pages or copy icons.


You have to use the move up/down buttons. It’s slow and annoying.


Drag to reorder on the app on Android doesn’t work either if it makes you feel any better.

Also, if you add LL return times via the App, they do not show up as editable at the top of your plan inside the browser. They will be used but are not editable. Likewise, if you add the LL return times via a browser, they are not editable on the App. You can delete them on the App. So you need to do that each morning and then add your real return times new each day.

I do appreciate the lost cost of a subscription but I wouldn’t mind paying a little more if the extra resources could be used to create / make the browser planning and App planning identical.

I do most of my work on a laptop browser and I was forcing myself to use the App the other day to get better/faster with it. But then I want to just give up once I start seeing these discrepancies.

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Thanks everyone. I must have used a laptop to plan our last trip back in 2019 and couldn’t remember.
I wish they would fix this on iOS/android. Or at least add the ability to renumber the steps. Using “move up” and “move down” is way too slow, especially when I want to try a few different scenarios.

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