Downtown Disney Visit with current construction

Am I nuts in thinking it might just be easier to park at Saratoga Springs and walk over? The recent articles all talk about the crazy parking and the new parking ramp appears to be on the far end away from the Marketplace, which is where we are most interested in visiting.

You are allowed to park at the resorts to tour them, right? It would be fun to see SS and then walk over to DD.

We are going next week, which is a relatively slow time, so there should be parking spaces for visitors at the resorts?

There’s a decent amount of parking down by Turf Club at Saratoga, but it is really up to the security guard if they let you in for that reason.

I’ve been to DD a handful of times recently and skipped the parking garage. There’s a decent amount of parking behind the Casting Center and in the area where you go in for the Hess station. It’s an easy walk over, especially if you are planning to go to the Marketplace. Unless you’re planning to go at something like 7 PM on a Saturday night, you should be fine to find parking there.

Oh! Thank you! A quick google map search and I can see exactly what you are talking about. I appreciate the tips!