Downtown Disney/Disney Springs worth it?

We are planning a trip next summer (I know, way advanced planning, but we enjoy it). Our kids will be 7 & 2. Is is worth it to set aside a day to visit Downtown Disney? Trying to decide the length of our trip.

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I think there is still a lot to see and do in DTD. I dont know if you need a whole day depending on what you want to see or do but each person is different. Until all the construction is over I plan to go there for lunch or dinner and then do shopping. I am excited to see DTD (Disney Springs) when it is complete. If construction bothers you might want to monitor how things are progressing as you get closer to your trip.

It’s usually an arrival or departure day event for me. By the time you are going, there will be a lot of new things, so it’s hard to say for sure. The World of Disney and the Lego store are always popular stops for the kids. Raglan Road is one of my favorite TSs in WDW.

My family LOVES DTD! It’s been a MUST DO since our boys were 2 years old. There is so much for the kids to see and do (train ride, merry-go-round, etc.) as well as great food and shopping for the adults. I know so many people that have never been to DTD and it puzzles me. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

It’s fun, and it’s been rapidly improving lately. And Earl of Sandwich has been an Orlando must-do for me for years.

Ds5 prob spent an hr in the Lego store and both boys love the “big toy store” and the Xmas store! WPE has great pizza! We also love walkin into rainforest and checking out all the fish! Lots to do in an afternoon or morning!!

Go in the evening when it is all lit up and that much more fun. As said before lots for kids to do and there is multiple live entertainment each night. It is a must do!

I have always loved DTD but I stayed away for almost a year. In April I was shocked at the crowds! I think it is evolving and I look forward to seeing what it will look like 3/6/9 months from now.

I think it is interesting, what bswan mentioned about it being an arrival or departure day thing. Does anyone else think that? I have thought it too.

We (myself and my family) like staying on the main Disney areas, like the parks and the resorts. When we visit Disney Springs, we feel like we are leaving Disney, in a way, although we know it is still Disney; hard to explain, I guess.

The main reason my family goes is because of Magic Kingdom, and Disney Springs does not have that “Disney magic” we love.

And, we think it does not have the same level of security as Magic Kingdom, so we don’t relax as much. Anybody can come in, unchecked, with weapons and drink a lot; we’ve seen the drunk behavior. At Magic Kingdom, we don’t worry about that so much.

However, we don’t feel that way when we begin or end with Disney Springs. When we do Disney Springs on the first day, we’re already coming from “the real world,” so it is a sort of segue into the “fantasy world,” for us. And, when we do it the last day, it sort of serves as a reintroduction back to our non-Disney world.

I totally understand how locals love it so much. If we lived nearby, we would probably go to Disney Springs for the day a lot, at night maybe without the kids.