Downloading pics from MM

It’s been two weeks and I feel like my trip hasn’t happened because,… I can’t seem to get all of my pictures and upload them for all to see :slight_smile:

They’ve changed the screen around a bit since my last visit. I can download an individual picture and I can download “visible media” and I get most of my pictures but I know I am missing some. On the app I can scroll much fast and see quite a few missing. It’s also worth mentioning that on the right hand side of the screen it says “Buy Memory Maker” but I purchased it and can download the pictures so that doesn’t make sense. Any suggestions?
It used to be so easy and they would be arranged by park etc. There is a filter option but not all of the places are listed on the website either. Like it’s missing our snow white dinner at artist point, yet I can see those on my phone?!?

Following. I am having similar issues. I was taking me forever to download my pictures. I finally just clicked download visible media and it looked like everything downloaded but I still need to go through them and confirm everything is there. Under the filter options do you see Wilderness Lodge as an option? That was showing on my account since we also did the Artist Point dinner.

Double check that you are not filtered by location. Also check that you have not filtered to show only your pictures.

I found it weird that it constantly advertised buying another mm too, but I guess if you are traveling again in the near future they want it to be there ready to click.

To select multiple pics to download hover your mouse over the picture (don’t click to open it) and you should see a little shadow of a check mark in the top right corner. Go through and click all the ones you want. It will start collecting a list at the top of the screen to show you what you have selected. Then you can download.

Totally agree that the old way was nicer. This way looks sleeker, but not easy to navigate.