Downloading Memory Maker Pictures

We just got back from a two-week trip in WDW, and I am trying to download our pictures from Memory Maker. The last time I did this, it seems like there was a download-all button where it downloaded all of the pictures into several zipped files. However, this time I cannot find such a button. It seems the only way I can download the pictures is to it with each individual picture, which will take me forever. Have they changed the way the site works?

Edit: I actually just tried to download an individual picture, and the site wants to charge me $14.95. What is going on with Memory Maker?

Edit 2: The friend that we went with was the one who purchased the Memory Maker - although the confirmation number does show up in my MDE. Can only she download the pictures or should I be able to access them too? She isn’t tech savvy, so she was depending on me to get the pictures.

You have to download the pictures from the account that has the Memory Maker assigned to it. If your friend is willing to share her username and password, she can let you log in and download them yourself.

OK. So I am logged in under her account, but there is still no download-all option. Do I really need to download the pictures individually? This could take hours.


I knew it had to be simpler. I don’t have the Download Photos button:

Is the Memory Maker activated? Do you see watermarks on the pictures? I downloaded one picture individually, and that activated the Memory Maker.

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That worked for me too. Thanks. :slight_smile: