Doubletree - Traveling to Parks

So I’m last minute going to be in Anaheim President’s weekend and we’re possibly/probably going to DCA on President’s Day. We’re staying at the Doubletree on South Harbor Blvd. Is the easiest transportation to walk to the Toy Story lot and take the shuttle? We’ll have cars, too, but there’s 7 of us so we’d need to take two and I’m expecting the garage will be crazy that day because of the holiday.

Some of my family is also going to DL later in the week and want to ride ROTR, does the Toy Story lot make the most sense then, too? Or are there any other options that would be better?

Just take an Uber. It will be faster.

I’ve heard that walking to Toy Story Lot is a good option if you don’t want to walk all the way or take an Uber. I would take an Uber before driving since it would be cheaper than paying for parking. The walk to Disneyland is about a mile / 20 minutes if that sounds doable to you.

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I have stayed at a hotel right next to the Toy Story parking lot. I don’t know the distance from double tree. I can say that it was super easy and convenient. It may take a bit longer now that they are doing the security prior to loading onto the bus, but that may save you time once the bus drops you off.

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In case anyone is interested - we ended up walking to the Toy Story lot yesterday, leaving ~7:10am from the Doubletree. We went through security at the park, but were in much shorter lines because of where the bus drops off so that worked out well and we were in DCA by 7:45.

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So they were not doing the security prior to loading you on the bus?

No, we thought we were when we were walking over because it was all set up but there were no security people there and the CMs just had us get on the bus :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I think I read recently that they set up the tents but hadn’t used them yet as of the date I read the article. But I haven’t checked in in the last few weeks so it’s possible they started using them and just stopped for the day you went (or for a prolonged hiatus).

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Thank you for the information. When I go with my friend, we stay right next door to the parking lot and I wasn’t sure if they had started yet.