Doubletree Disney Springs

I entered in my trip into TP and put in DoubleTree in Disney Springs. TP is telling me my FP booking day is 30 days in advance. I thought this was one of the 60 day hotels? Also for offsite hotels with 60 day FP’s - is it a rolling 60 days or all at once like onsite staying?

Is it this one? We stayed there in August last year and we got 60 days out FPP. I just entered my reservation code in on MDE and it opens the window automatically

I am also staying at this hotel. TP told me my FPP date was 30 days out (which I assumed was a glitch), but then sent me this email (below) at 61 days (60 days out was Christmas for me). So, you should be fine :+1:t2:

It’s also a rolling 60 days. So on 12/25, I was able to book FPP for 2/23-2/28, the entire duration of our stay.

I’ve got the same problem for the B resorts in Disney Springs. The hotel, MDE and various sites tell me 60 days, but my TP dashboard says 30 days.

Yep, I think it’s just a glitch in the dashboard. Since the 60 day perk for the Disney Springs resorts has to be “re-upped” each year by Disney, the TP software probably defaults to 30 days. I had no issues with my 60 day window from Disney. I did have to count on the calendar myself to figure out my date, but I did also get the notice a day ahead of time from the TP site. So one half the site knows it’s 60 days, but the Dashboard doesn’t…shrug.